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Accurate Immigration South Africa

Welcome to the South African Immigration section of Accurate Immigration Services. Here you will find all the necessary information for you to establish your eligibility for your move to South Africa.

south africa immigration

South Africa - a  World in one Country

The best of Africa combines at the Southern tip of this great continent in the 'New South Africa' - a country which embraces diversity, having officially adopted the 13 official languages of its African cultures and recognised many more of its major immigrant communities to make up the "Rainbow Nation". In this cosmopolitan environment, all sectors of the population contribute to what has been declared by the President Thabo Mbeki to be the African Renaissance, making South Africa an exciting place to live, work and play.

Immigrants are attracted to the outdoor lifestyle, investment opportunities, business climate and the chance to experience this unique environment. Tourism is thriving in SA, with the two major oceans, mountains, desert, and African bush all within the territory, providing beautiful beaches, dolphin and shark viewing, an entire plant kingdom, breathtaking scenery, of course not forgetting the worlds's "Big 5" of wild animals, and much, much more. The dream of going on safari can easily become a reality, either self-catering round a campfire in a bush camp or relaxing in the ultimate luxury of a 5 star game lodge, only a few hours away from the busy, colorful cities.


Economically, South Africa is in a growth period of post-apartheid rebuilding, and this time of recovery and development means great opportunity. SA, perhaps surprisingly, is one of the world leaders in the fields of finance, law, communications, energy and transport as, amongst its many achievements, a pioneer of electronic banking and a leading energy exporter to the rest of Africa. Rich in natural minerals and resources, striving against its history, frequent drought, current crime issues and the poor performance of its currency, SA is pulling together as a nation in a very dynamic and active business climate, one like no other in the world. Entrepreneurship is encouraged as a necessary component of this rapidly growing country and the large informal sector plays a major part in the economy. Small businesses are well supported in an atmosphere of working together as a community to make a significant and necessary contribution to the country's success.


A high standard of living attracts many immigrants, finding that they receive good value for their settlement investment in terms of housing and lifestyle due to the favourable exchange rate. 'Cluster Homes' and secure villages are readily available to rent or buy and provide the best way to integrate into friendly, safer community-style living. The school day is short to encourage sporting and cultural activities for the students on most afternoons and, for everyone, the excellent climate allows a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle.

Immigration to South Africa is relatively easy, provided the correct application procedures are adhered to and, due to the constant review and development of Immigration policy for the country, it is recommended that a specialist Immigration Attorney assists you with your application to ensure success. If you are prepared to work hard and play hard - there is place for you in the sun of South Africa.

How we can help you with your immigration plans

This site provides an accurate quick reference to the latest South African legislation. Completion of the Free Assessment Questionnaire will allow us to establish your eligibility for Immigration to South Africa. Your personal assessment from our South African Team of Lawyers will provide you with details of what to do next to commence your application, together with cost indications.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, first, to assist with any common questions you may have about South African Immigration.

Please proceed to peruse the site by clicking on the green buttons which you will find on the left of each page for your convenience throughout the site. A list of Accurate's services for South Africa follows:

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The information on this page is intended to be general in nature and should not be construed as applying to the reader's individual set of circumstances. It does not constitute legal advice. Eligibility requirements and the application of laws vary on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, Immigration laws, regulations and policies are always subject to change at any time without advance notice.
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